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Purple Silk Tweed Poncho

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Pattern: Simplicity Pattern 1281 Misses' Jackets in Two Lengths, Belted Cape & Capelet

Fabric: Purple Silk Tweed from Fabrique on sale! I went to so many stores looking for the right fabric and I finally found this at the last place I visited.

Notions: Items on the instructions including black thread and Simplicity Faux Leather Trim. I added a Mystery Maracuja tag.

How did it look compared to the pattern? I used View C and it looked the same.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Mostly. That belt hole through me for a loop.

Likes? The outcome! This is also very comfortable.

Dislikes? This was the first time I applied a trim like this. It was extremely difficult and I spent the most time on this. Luckily, I took this to #projectsew and Monica and Sabrina helped me figure it out. I used the Simplicity Youtube video as a reference when I got home.

Pattern changes? None.

Will I sew this again? Yeah!

Photos: Special thanks to my beautiful Cousin in the pictures looking great!

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