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Our Story

Amber Brown McFadden

I like to relax by being outside and taking photos for digital collages along the way.  Other times, I prefer to decompress by creating jewelry, handbags, and clothes from vibrantly colored fabrics, beads, gemstones, and metals.  Generally, my artwork is initiated to commemorate an occasion or preserve a memory.  Frequently, I am inspired by the dynamic life bursting from the natural world, so I attempt to capture the overlooked details we may pass by in our busy lives.


Mystery Maracuja originated as a creative outlet for me to share my creative work in 2012. After many projects, classes, and experience and I went into business with a new name: Mystery Maracuja.  A mystery is something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.  People often describe me as mysterious.  It is just my personality.  Maracuja is the Portuguese and German word for the fruit of the Passion flower, commonly called Passion Fruit. I first heard this word when I visited my family in Germany, and I just love the way it sounds. Under this name I create custom gifts and digital artwork.  Since my creativity flows out into different mediums, I selected a name that allowed some flexibility.  The space has now evolved to showcase my equally creative family and friends.  Since we began Mystery Maracuja, I’ve done craft shows, conferences, charity events, fashion shows, taught lessons, and had a spot in a boutique!


Anthony Brown Sr.

My Dad has been creating digital artwork for a very long time. In fact, he taught me to use Adobe Photoshop and I began learning how to create artwork on computers. He specializes in intriguing images that transport the viewer into beautiful fantasy scenes. His artwork is featured on the Digital Art page. 


Athena Brown

My sister is a brand and marketing creative specialist versed in graphic design, fine art, and photography. She offers her expertise as a freelancer and her portfolio is available here.

Antoinette Brown

My sister is an experienced graphic designer and event specialist whose style and sophistication is a signature of her projects.

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