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The Cream Colored Cape

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I am on a mission to build a wardrobe with timeless pieces that I sew myself.

One day I stopped in Helen Enox Fine Fabrics in OKC and I was just looking around for inspiration and I saw this wool cape on display. The fabric felt so good, so I started looking at it to see if I could sew something like this. Luckily, the lovely ladies in the store were more than willing to help. They measured me and cut the fabric out for me. All I had to do was go home and sew the hems. And honestly, I would not have pursued this without their help!

I finished this one in March 2016, so I didn't get to wear it too many times before it got to hot. When fall came, I was so happy to pull it out again. This cape really dresses up anything and I feel so elegant when I wear it (with jeans)!

And here's the pics. Please click to enlarge.

Supplies: 2-3 yards of wool, taupe thread, off white embroidery thread, spray adhesive

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