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Roller Skating is not just for kids!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I've been skating again since May 2013.

I forgot how much skating was a part of my life. We skated every friday night for a long time in middle school. Then I roller bladed around the neighborhood and the campus at OU. I quit skating for the most part while I was in Houston for whatever reason. But thanks to Jovonne, I'm back at it. But its just me and the regulars now. My friends dropped out. I joined the 405 Skate Club. The founders are Angie and Jerome who have been doing this since before I was born. There is an entire subculture that includes huge multi-city skate multi-day jams that go from midnight to 5 am in places like Dallas, Houston, Memphis, St. Louis, Maryland, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and more. We had our first official skate party in July and people came from neighboring states.

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I've made some new friends too! You know when I find something I love, I jump in with both feet. So here's my volunteer work around skating.

And it's good for you!

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