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Garden of Dolls

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Once upon a time ...

There were three dolls who lived in a toy shop. They were best friends and they always dreamed of going outside and exploring the world. One day, a fairy visited the toy shop and saw how sad the dolls were. She decided to grant them one wish: to come to life for one day and have fun.

The next morning, the dolls woke up and felt something different. They could move their arms and legs, blink their eyes, and talk to each other. They named each other Kiki, Coco, and Yaya.

Three dolls

One night, they were so happy and excited that they decided to sneak out of the toy shop and go to the nearby garden. They walked a few feet on the side walk and reached the gate of the garden. They climbed over it and entered a wonderland of flowers, trees, and animals.

The dolls were amazed by everything they saw. They smelled the flowers, touched the grass, and listened to the birds. They played hide and seek. They stretched out, laid down, and explored the gazebo. They laughed and sang and danced until the sun began to set.

They realized that their time was almost up and they had to go back to the toy shop. They ran back as fast as they could. They reached the toy shop just in time before it closed. They went back to their shelves and hugged each other. They thanked the fairy for their wonderful day and wished they could do it again someday.

What would you do if your dolls came alive? Where would you take them?

In Garden of Dolls, I imagine my dolls living through this virtual exhibition. In this gallery you will see how use dolls, photography, digital collage, and sewing to create portraits in wildflower gardens. Use this space to inspire your dreams or escape your world! We have collectibles you can order too!

This gallery is accessible from most devices. For an immersive experience, put on your VR headset to stroll around in the garden and find the dolls.

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