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The Greatest Man in My Life

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The greatest man in my life is my Grandfather, Donald Smith. He lived for 79 long years. He was vibrant and full of life. To know him was to love him. We laid him to rest on Wednesday. These were my words at the funeral: "There are so many wonderful things to say about my Grandfather and I wish I had time to share them all. For today, I will share the attributes that made him special to me. In my eyes, my Grandfather was the model citizen. He taught me the importance of voting and civic participation. We enjoyed discussing politics and I often called on him for historical perspective in my life. I would call him up and ask, "Have you seen anything like this before? And he would tell me a story." I am especially glad that were able to experience President Obama's time in office together because we had differing opinions at times. He was always honest and I really valued his conversations. When I was a little girl, he just say hey lets go and we would go off in the but I never knew where. One of the places liked to take me to was the Oklahoma City Farmer's Market. We would walk around and he would buy fruit for me to try. But we would always be in search for his favorite bright green juicy apples. Over the years, we would talk about the new apples we've tried while we shared one together. To this day, going to the farmer's market is something I never pass up no matter where I am. The most important thing my Grandfather taught me is the value of positive relationships. He exemplified dedication, compromise, support, and love through his personal kindness and quirky humor. Though he was a humble man, I have so far to go to embody the greatness of who he was. I love you Pawpaw." The Funeral Program and Video tribute were a family effort. My Grandparents meticulously captured their beautiful memories in tons of scrapbooks and they also preserved photographs passed down to them. Our family worked together to create the obituary and video ourselves with specific themes and images that include Sandtown, the neighborhood, and Pawpaw's personality in a tribute of his life. He was proud of his Oklahoma roots, so there is a map of Sandtown and the house he grew up in on the obituary. And the music is from Oklahoma jazz legend, Wayman Tisdale. I did the layout and the graphics. Uncle Mike picked the cover photo from Grandma's polaroids. The photo of OKC is one of my cousin Dion's beautiful photographs. We wanted to be sure to share their pride for their families and their cherished moments with friends.

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