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North Texas Seamstresses Support Community with Custom-Made Face Masks

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

With Covid-19’s impact on daily life a reality for all of us, two North Texas based entrepreneurs are doing their bit to help with ethically-made face masks.

  • Amber Brown McFadden, founder of Mystery Maracuja invited her friend Karen Easley to team up to offer face masks for the community

  • Amber and Karen’s masks come in a variety of mood-lifting designs and are sold at affordable prices

  • Amid the well-publicized shortage of traditional healthcare masks, these cloth alternatives provide a safe substitute

  • Masks can be ordered from

Borne from a willingness to support essential workers in these unprecedented times, Amber McFadden and Karen Easley set about using their talents to bring masks to the masses – it is an idea that’s beginning to take shape.

In times of social responsibility and a need to give back, Mystery Maracuja – the creative brainchild of Amber – wanted to offer its own solution.

That result is a plentiful range of eco-conscious products designed to combat the spread of Covid-19, a success that Amber – who holds a Masters degree in Public Health from UT Health in Houston, Texas – was committed to seeing through.

On the project’s inspiration, she said: “The CDC is recommending that everyone wear a face mask in public, but with many unable to get hold of traditional masks, we felt a solution was needed.”

Speaking of the mask’s decorative designs, Amber continued: “It’s an unfortunate reality that members of our black community are perceived as threatening when their faces are covered. Our designs are inspired by a desire to protect their health without endangering their safety. Yet, our products for everyone any anyone.

“We hope the designs can spark some cheer in troubling times, but above all, that they help keep the community safe.”

McFadden’s business partner, Karen Easley, an experienced sewing enthusiast, shares her friend’s passion for helping society in its time of need.

Speaking as she sews, Karen offers further insight into Mystery Maracuja’s novel concept: “The idea is that everyone can have access to a mask. The fact they are reusable and reduce waste also puts less stress on key workers during this crucial time.”

With Karen’s beauty business forced to temporarily close its doors amid the pandemic, the initiative is also helping serve another purpose – to help put food the table. It is a motive that surely resonates with the community in these uncertain times.

Amber and Karen’s masks can be ordered from Mystery Maracuja also offers mask bundles with shipping via USPS.

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