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I love Jamaican food!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In my public health nutrition class we have to choose a culture other than our own and research it to gain an understanding of their food habits. The objective is to understand the cultural implications of diet before making recommendations regarding someones food habits. We are all going to cook and bring our dishes on the last day of class and we have to make a handout for class. Here's mine. I chose Jamaica because I claim my ancestry from somewhere in the Caribbean. I've heard stories about one of our ancestors coming from Louisiana. The French in Louisiana controlled the island in the past, so my ancestor could have arrived in Louisiana because of that. Plus I love mangoes. I think that's good enough speculation. Plus if you've had my jerk chicken, you know. My friend's Jamaican husband tasted it with my Curry Chicken and he said it tasted authentic!

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